SpiralSoft Technologies is a strategy company specializing in providing a comprehensive technological, marketing and operational solution for companies and organizations seeking to develop, market and deploy digital technology systems for intra-organizational use: sales tools, monitoring tools, tracking and measuring of sales, customer service, inventory and production, including systems that integrate various intra-organizational systems; and digital technology for external marketing activity: software apps and products.

SpiralSoft Technologies strives to be a business partner to its clients, to provide them with a full array of services to bring their venture to fruition: to serve as a software house, as a launch pad for initial capital raising and as a marketing and advertising agency to spread the word about their technology asset to target audiences.

SpiralSoft Technologies provides services such as characterization, feasibility studies and business guidance and advice to a broad range of clients from diverse fields: institutional, government, finance, digital advertising, games, insurance, music, startups, etc.

Our professional staff comprises development personnel, designers and organizational consultants with a technological orientation, who accompany clients throughout, from the characterization of the system to deployment in the organization or in the market, always bearing in mind the market that the organization operates in, the structure of its activity, it’s needs, and no less important, it’s business objectives.
The process that we embark on with the organization takes the whole business picture into account and produces a significant technological-organizational asset, not simply a technological tool.

Startup companies

Many startup companies have an excellent idea for a technological product, creative minds working diligently on the technological solutions and a professional team capable of implementing them. However, they often lack business, commercial and marketing acumen to make a commercial success of their product.

SpiralSoft Technologies can serve as their marketing branch, helping to familiarize them with the target markets, to adapt their product to those markets and even help with the actual marketing of the product itself.

App developers

Every day we encounter a broad spectrum of ideas for new apps, proposed by talented developers in need of business and financial tools in order to transform their idea into an app that sells. We provide them with strategic business guidance throughout the characterization and development, including commercial feasibility studies, recruiting investors, legal consulting, building a marketing plan, helping with the development process itself, as necessary, and assisting in the deployment of the app in the target markets.

Development for companies and organizations

Many companies and organizations, from all areas of industry, seek to develop advanced software, either for intra-organizational purposes or for marketing and sales purposes. We manage the development process in its entirety for them, from understanding the needs and the requirements, to the characterization, building of the technological and design concept, the development itself, and ultimately, to the deployment of the software in the organization or in the market.